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Our goal is to explore breakthrough product development in the very neglected freeweight training realm.

Company Profile

Our company was incorporated in the state of Ohio in mid 1992, for the express purpose of manufacturing and distributing the Manta Ray®.  We spent years exploring what exercises brought about the fastest results and found those movements were often loaded with negative aspects.  Our goal is to find ways to reduce, or eliminate the negatives while leaving all the positive benefits in place. We feel that no matter what a persons fitness related goals are, they are not forwarded by crushing soft tissue with a narrow steel bar.  Recovery resources are better spent building the target muscles...

Advanced Fitness, Inc. is a small company and we like it that way.   We want to develop and market a small number of exceptional products to a small group of exceptional people.  You can always expect great products, at a fair price, with superior service.  In fact, 74% of our business is generated from customer referrals... so if you are happy with our products/service, please tell your friends!

Mark Pittroff

Our patented  Manta Ray® and the Sting Ray™ are manufactured by us in Cincinnati, Ohio USA.  Here is a photo of our modest facility:

Quick Start Card

Here's just what you have been waiting for. Thank you! Above all, we want you to be happy with your purchase so we've included this card to get you off and running (Squatting) right away.

The Manta Ray Squat is a little different from the regular squat, so we encourage everyone to treat it like a new movement.

If you've been squatting for some time, your body will have become familiar with your current posture. That is often more bent over than you might like because our bodies compensate for the bars tendency to roll by bending us forward. This is particularly true if you use a towel, or roll pad. The arms have to keep the bar from rolling and the body bends you forward to help protect your wrists, elbows and shoulders. Our front projections keep that from happening. Your arms won't feel like they are about to be pulled out of the socket, so most people find they can use a more upright posture that protects the low back from possible injury. For most people the Manta Ray clicks instantly, for others there is an adjustment period. In the latter group, it might just take a couple of workouts, or it might take a month. The effort is definitely worth it!!

Remember: It is impossible to tell how this device fits, or feels without snapping it to a bar first.

The Manta Ray dramatically reduces the compressive force on the vertebrae, a benefit strongly endorsed by the medical community. And, it also eliminates the crush trauma to your upper body, freeing up your bodies ability to build new tissue for new muscle growth.

To get started:
Center and snap the Manta Ray to a bar with a warm-up weight, duck under the Manta Ray, lift the bar and back away from the rack.

The key to quickly finding your groove is not getting the bar too close to your neck. If the bar hurts your neck, or the front projections hit your collar bone, just roll the bar (and the device) rearward a little with your hands. Don't go extremely far rearward because the Manta Ray is for the high bar squat.

Keeping your head up and imagining the force traveling through your heels also makes it easier to adjust to the more upright posture.

In no time at all, Manta Ray Squats will be speeding you toward your fitness goals!

Products made by Advanced Fitness (the Manta Ray and the Sting Ray) have this warning label attached:



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Advanced Fitness, Inc.,  P.O. Box 62751,  Cincinnati, OH 45262
US Ph. 800-258-8516, Local & Int. 513-563-1000, Fax 513-563-4067

(Our physical address is 11875 Reading Rd., Cincinnati, OH 45241, but this is not a retail outlet.)


Advanced Fitness, Inc.
P.O. Box 62751
Cincinnati, OH 45262
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