What is the Manta Ray made of and how does it snap to the bar?

    It's made of polyurethane and the bosses on top of the device are thin enough to snap onto the bar, but the body of the Manta Ray is thick enough to act as a load distributor.

    How does it rest on your back?

    It transfers the load to the traps exclusively and doesn't involve the shoulder caps. It's a simple load distribution principle where the load is spread over as much as 1600% more surface area than the raw bar. It's like comparing a bed of nails to a single nail.

    Will the Manta Ray fit any body shape or size?

    Yes, it's only about 12.5 inches long, so it doesn't involve the delts. Since it sits only on your traps, it just sits on whatever traps you happen to have. Guaranteed.

    I understand that all weight bearing exercise stimulates a Growth Hormone release (and Growth Hormone makes your body want to store lean muscle tissue instead of fat) so what's the big deal about the squat? Why not the leg press, hack squat, or Smith machine?

    You've hit on the key issue here. When you suspend a weight over the entire body, that it's unaccustomed to, it brings more of the bodies 600 plus muscles into play. They fire on and off like crazy, acting as stabilizers through the assent and descent to keep you from toppling over. This makes a wave of stress hormones wash through the system and that's what stimulates the tremendous Growth Hormone release. No other exercise involves so many muscles, or stimulates anywhere near as much GH release as the free squat. That's why it truly is "The King of Exercises".

    Is that why they say muscular gains come faster with the use of the Manta Ray?

    That's part of it. The other factors are, you're more likely to throw on a couple more plates and less likely to ditch your last set when you can focus on the movement, rather than the discomfort. And since the crush injury is eliminated from the upper body, all your bodies ability to build new tissue goes right to the stimulated muscle fibers rather than wasting that effort on damage control.

    What is the warranty?

    Three Years! Even in commercial gym or school use, so for an individual it's really a lifetime investment.

    How long will it take before I receive my order?

    95% of the time, orders placed by 3:00 PM (Eastern Time, US) ship the same day, and single orders ship by Priority Mail (usually acts like a two day air).

    Can I buy this device in a store?

    Maybe. It's in hundreds of  stores in the U.S., several in Canada and we also have distributors in other parts of the world. Click here to check the list [Stores].  The list is in Zip/Postal Code order (stores generally sell the Manta Ray for $44.90).

    What if I am not happy with the device?

    You may return the Manta Ray within 30 days for a full refund of the purchase price. We want you to be completely satisfied.

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