"...If you've ever felt vulnerable to injury -- or just flat out uncomfortable -- doing squats, the Manta Ray® will give
you a whole new perspective on the king of the mass movements and help produce the quality quad size you've been lacking."
-Steve Holman, Senior Editor IronMan magazine, and author of many IronMan Books.

"...I highly recommend the Manta Ray® for those who want to do a proper squat and prevent injuries!"
-Bob Delmonteque, 50 years of personal training & author of Lifelong Fitness, (Warner Books)

"It's foolish to subject the spinal column to long term compressive force needlessly.  Not to mention crushing muscle and overloading the shoulder complex.  The Manta Ray® solves these problems very effectively!"
-Dr. Robert porte D.O.

"The Manta Ray® is a must-have device. The anatomic benefit of even weight distribution substantially reduces neuromuscular trauma to the spine, shoulder girdle, and arms.  The superior stability provided by the device ensures proper lifting form and technique, further enhancing the significant physiologic impact of the Manta Ray!"
-Dr. Bruce Panasuk M.D., Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgeon

"If you love squats but hate all that lousy neck pain you have to put up with... give this Manta Ray(tm) thing a try... you're in for a treat!"
-Larry Scott Mr. Olympia (1965-6), Author, and expert in exercise physiology.

"...Forget about wrapping the bar with a towel, throw out the foam. The Manta Ray® is the only true protection anyone
-Tony Vargas owner (Physique Plus) and specialist in cervical and lumber injuries.

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